Monday, December 2, 2013

Saying "Thank You" with Holiday Greeting Cards

3 reasons why holiday greeting cards are a great way to thank your clients for their business.

In this fast paced world of email and texting, it's easy to get so busy that often times the non-essential tasks get missed.  These are the items that are not necessary urgent but are none-the-less important for the overall success and prosperity of your company.  It's often said, it's the little things that make the biggest difference.  Thanking your clients for their loyalty and patronage has a far more profound effect than the energy it takes to do it.  Here are 3 reasons why holiday greeting cards are a great way to thank your clients...

A Risk Most Marketers Won’t Take

4 Words that Double Success Rates

Nobody likes being told what to do. This principle dates back to a very early age. Tell a two-year-old toddler to go to
timeout and they very kindly break your eardrums as they shout their favorite word “no!” Ask a kid to eat their peas and they slyly spread them around on the plate—encouraged by your lack of knowledge of mathematics—hoping you won’t notice the sum of peas hasn't actually changed at all. Tell a teenager to clean their room and they silently curse you (while, of course, telling you no).

10 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Show your clients you care with a unique holiday gift.

Well folks, Thanksgiving has officially passed. The turkeys have been eaten, the potatoes mashed and slathered in gravy and the pumpkin pies all devoured (even when we all thought it impossible to eat dessert—way to persevere).

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the winter holiday season is officially in full swing (cue: Jingle Bell Rock). This fact makes now a perfect time to start planning your corporate holiday gifts—because your clients deserve a gift that’s thoughtful and not last minute.

Here are some holiday client gift ideas that will make your company stand out.