Monday, December 17, 2012

Market Benefits, Not Features

Are you effectively communicating the benefits of your product or service? 

Ultimately, the reason you are in business is to help your clients solve a problem.  Whether you are part of a small business that helps its clients by repairing their automobiles or you are on a team operating a multi-million dollar company that manufactures medical devices, your clients come to you because they have something they need to accomplish and are counting on you to help them.

Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2013

Three marketing trends that will make your business stronger in 2013.

While individuals brainstorm their New Year’s Resolutions, we’re dreaming up how to make businesses better in 2013. Perhaps your company has a great product line but little marketing to spread the word. Or maybe you need to work on your relationships with customers.

Whatever changes you sense are due for your business in 2013, the projected marketing trends for the New Year can make you more competitive. Keep reading for a few suggestions on 2013’s top marketing trends and how to make them work for your business.