Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Building Rapport

Using small gestures to help build rapport with your clients.

The rapport you and your company has with clients is central to the overall success of your business.  People rarely conduct business with companies they dislike and it's easy for competitors to steal customers away when rapport is weak.  These realities underscore the importance of utilizing every opportunity possible to continually develop strong relationships with each and every one of your company's patrons.

Direct Mail

Are you missing out on this important marketing channel?

In the 21st century, some people believe that promoting their business using printed marketing solutions is outdated and ineffective.  And although the internet has created a new medium for delivering a company’s message, most marketing professionals still find print to be an effective and important part of their overall strategy for communicating and promoting their brand.  Direct mail can be an effective way of using print marketing to get your message across.