Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spokes or the Hub

What's your paradigm to winning new business?

When building a business, it’s essential to make the distinction between sales and marketing. Most business professionals understand the need for sales and their importance to the livelihood of the organization and its future. What often gets missed is the leverage marketing can and should bring to a business and it’s overall goals.


Welcome to Curry's new blog!

Welcome to Curry Printing's Marketing Matters Blog.  This blog is dedicated to all those who are looking to help grow their business.  You'll find articles and posts to help you be more effective and productive in the workplace.  Plus, we'll also provide you specific ideas and strategies to help you better promote your business.

Sometimes companies under value and under utilize marketing.  Often this comes from a lack of understanding or from the fact that marketing is not always as clear cut as sales.  For this reason, we are beginning our blog with an article called "Spokes or the Hub."