Monday, January 19, 2015

Patriots' Leadership Lessons

5 Leadership Skills Demonstrated by the Patriots

After Sunday's AFC Championship win, the Patriots have just one more game to claim the title of the best team in the 2014-2015 season.  But as we all know, the Patriots' greatness didn't just start this year.  It takes years of training to reach the top.

But just because it might take years to reach the pinnacle of success, it doesn't mean there are not things you can do everyday to behave like a champion.  Here are 5 leadership skills that will help anyone be a more valuable asset to their company.

Communication—Become a standout leader in your business by being a great communicator. Make sure you consider all points of view before conveying your thoughts and develop the ability to stay poised and professional regardless of the conversation.

Commitment—When setting goals for your business, be committed to their fruition. In order to be committed, you need to be consistent. Always check to see if you’re on target to completing the goal. If not, readjust how to achieve it.

Focus—When creating a business model or strategy, don’t spread yourself too thin. Figure out one thing you and your business is really good at, and then run with it. Keep your focus narrow in order to succeed.

Optimism—A respected leader needs a positive attitude. There will be challenges throughout life, but the leaders who see the silver lining will overcome obstacles.

Creativity—Train yourself to think differently and flexibly to become a better leader. Envision what could be different about your business and what would work best. It’s not always conventional. Be bold with your creativity.

Apply these 5 skills in your career and you'll be on your way to more opportunities in the workplace.


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