Monday, January 19, 2015

4 Tips about Marketing to Generation Z

Now that you've nailed down your marketing strategy to millennial's, brands and companies need to turn attention towards the rising demographic, Generation Z. Gen Z are teenagers 19 and younger. They've grown up in a fully digital world with full access to the Internet. This group is comprised of digital natives, but it is important to note that they are not naive. They respond well to genuine brands. 

It’s increasingly imperative to revise your marketing strategy to Gen Z since it is reported that they contribute approximately $44 billion to the U.S. economy. Here are four ways to tailor your marketing to Gen Z:

Don’t use Facebook—Although millennials and Generation Z have a lot in common, there are some disparities. Generation Z is even more fluent in social media and the online reality. This means they prefer different social media channels. Generation Z tends to favor Whisper, Snapchat and Secret, not Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Treat them like entrepreneurs—Generation Z is more likely than any other generation to convert their hobbies into full-time jobs. A large sum of this group have documented dreams of being entrepreneurs. Since they’re native to social media, they use it for research on their hobbies, jobs and dreams. They know what it takes to be successful.

Take advantage of video—With the increasing use of social media, the attention span of consumers has shortened. It is important to focus marketing directives on visuals, not text. For example, infographics would be a great way to show a lot of data. But videos are the best way to grab the consumer’s attention. Gen Z also watches twice as many videos on mobile devices as any other generation.

Humor is number one—This demographic responds extremely well to an appealing sense of humor. Infuse humor into your brand personality and create videos that are funny to Gen Z. But, be careful not to try to be Gen Z with acronyms like YOLO or LOL; they’ll know it’s ingenuine. Instead, play off current pop culture for humor. Miley Cyrus and cat videos are sure to catch Gen Z’s attention.


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