Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tell a Story With Your Marketing in 2014

Use story telling as a way to engage your clients at a higher level.

“Tell me a story!” This typical refrain heard from children at bedtime also applies to your customers. When it comes to marketing, they don’t just want information. They want a story too. Scientific studies have shown that our brain activity increases and we become more engaged when there’s a narrative involved. As you go into 2014, be thinking of how you can make your business’s marketing all about storytelling. Here are a just a few ways to create an intriguing narrative for your customers.

Infuse your personality

Personify your business to identify key personality traits. If your company were a person, what would they be like? How would they write? What values would be important to them? By fleshing out a unified set of characteristics, you’ll be able to create intriguing and cohesive marketing.

Develop characters

This doesn’t mean you have to create a company mascot with a big backstory. It can be as simple as tying a loyal customer’s buying experience into your narrative. And don’t forget your employees. They are your best brand advocates. Make them a part of the story, giving customers a glimpse of the kind, interesting and passionate people who are the core of your company.

Get visual

Images are always going to capture more attention than plain text, and recent updates from Facebook and Twitter make it even easier—and more important—for you to include them in your posts. Weave images into the overarching marketing narrative to enhance the story line, or find visuals that tell a story on their own. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Create experiences

The best way to get customers talking about your business is to give them something to talk about. Create events that allow them to be part of your story. This doesn’t have to be on the scale of a YouTube-worthy flash mob, but think outside the box to interact with customers in unexpected places or bring them into your business. By doing something memorable and out of the ordinary, they’ll be excited to share their story (and yours) with friends and family.


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