Monday, October 8, 2012

Kick-Start Guide to Mobile Marketing

Is your business ready for your mobile visitors?

Hopefully you browse the web seated at your desk, so you won’t fall over from the shock of this post. Smartphone users will soon outnumber those who don’t use them. In fact, maybe you’re not browsing the web at your desk as we expected. Maybe you’re on your feet, out and about with all the info you need in the palm of your hand. If you browse the web with your smartphone, you probably already understand the value and convenience mobile surfing brings.

Make new friends for your business with our kick-start guide to mobile marketing.


Begin with the basics. Both up-and-coming startups and well-established businesses need mobile sites. Customers have come to expect that you’re as tech savvy and flexible as they are. So, are you?

And even though social media is all the rage in marketing right now, know that a mobile presence is even more important. Get your priorities in order. Invest in a mobile site.


Protect your investment in a mobile site and ensure that it actually makes you money. Support your new site with integrated print marketing that drives smartphone users to it in droves.

The beauty of smartphones is that customers can reach their favorite sites from anywhere, at anytime. And the beauty of print marketing is that your business can attract those customers from anywhere, at anytime. Create window posters with QR codes linking scanners to a PURL. Mail an announcement inviting prospects to visit your new mobile site.

Trust in print’s power to drum up online traffic.

Audience Awareness

Here’s the best part about your new mobile site. You know that direct mail piece we recommended? Don’t just send it to your usual list. Mobile websites will bring you a broader, more diverse audience.

Millennials, for example, are more likely than other age groups to search for local businesses on their smartphones. So make sure your printed pieces speak their language.

All in all, mobile marketing is worth every penny and every bit of effort. Invest in a smartphone-specific site and targeted printed pieces to attract a broader audience.


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