Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Direct Mail

Are you missing out on this important marketing channel?

In the 21st century, some people believe that promoting their business using printed marketing solutions is outdated and ineffective.  And although the internet has created a new medium for delivering a company’s message, most marketing professionals still find print to be an effective and important part of their overall strategy for communicating and promoting their brand.  Direct mail can be an effective way of using print marketing to get your message across.

There are many ways to use print to help communicate your message.  Of course certain types of print provide more leverage than others.    Marketing Sherpa conducted a case study in August 2010 that revealed of 1,000+ marketing professionals surveyed, 79% found direct mail to be either “effective” or “very effective” in promoting their business.  Direct mail is definitely one of the more powerful means of print marketing your company can, and should, be utilizing on a consistent basis.

Direct mail allows you to target your specific audience by demographics.  Mailing list companies can generate highly concentrated lists based on a multitude of criteria.  They track specific business and/or residential data such as age, gender and household income, just to name a few.  What’s more, they can aggregate it by categories such as zip codes, geographic regions or even the number of people in a business or household.  This allows you to purchase a laser-focused list of potential clients.  These contacts bear a higher likelihood of purchasing from you because you have pre-qualified them based on what you already know about your target audience.  By mailing to a specific list of highly qualified leads, your company will save money and strategically market only to those people who are most likely to become your clients.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the type of direct mail piece you send.  Postcards, letters, product samples, dvds and cds are just a few of the many different items you can use to keep your mailings unique and fresh.  Remember, if you don’t get your prospects to look at what you’ve mailed, you’re wasting your time and marketing dollar by not getting the desired result… to communicate your message!

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