Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2013

Three marketing trends that will make your business stronger in 2013.

While individuals brainstorm their New Year’s Resolutions, we’re dreaming up how to make businesses better in 2013. Perhaps your company has a great product line but little marketing to spread the word. Or maybe you need to work on your relationships with customers.

Whatever changes you sense are due for your business in 2013, the projected marketing trends for the New Year can make you more competitive. Keep reading for a few suggestions on 2013’s top marketing trends and how to make them work for your business.

At Your Service

Your consumers are finally coming into their own. The ability to voice complaints about major brands on social media or price shop online, demonstrates that consumers now have more power than ever. Instead of dealing with minor or major annoyances about the brands they do business with, consumers can simply move on to another provider.

Make sure that customers never abandon you for something your business can control. Customer service is your chance to develop long-term relationships with loyal customers.

Provide extraordinary customer service and your customers will be far less likely to leave you. Treat customer care as an afterthought, however, and you’ll soon be one too.

Pleased and Pandering

You don’t have to pander to your prospects to persuade them with your marketing. But in 2013 developing technologies makes personalized marketing a must instead of a bonus. Set your company apart with marketing materials that show prospects they’re worth the extra investment.

Develop direct mail pieces that take advantage of customer data. Subtly show that your business and your prospects are perfect for one another by using their personalized information and copy that emphasizes what you have in common.

For example, a baker might mail a piece about a “wedding cake” as an anniversary gift. Save money by only sending the piece to households with married couples.

Upward Mobility

Social media drives sales—mostly it gives happy customers a mouthpiece to recommend their favorite brands to friends. We saw that trend play out this past year.

But 2013 will be the year of mobile commerce. The amount of money consumers spend via their smartphones will absolutely skyrocket in 2013. Take advantage with an upwardly mobile marketing plan.

Create marketing materials that reach prospects at multiple points, then drive them to your mobile website. Print QR codes on your mail pieces, any signs where pedestrians will have access to them and even your business cards.

You don’t have to be a trendy business to develop marketing that’s on-trend in 2013. Prep now—before your competitors do—so that 2013 will be as profitable as December is merry.


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