Friday, October 3, 2014

Increase Your Productivity in 3 Steps

Make sure you're getting the most out of every workday with these unorthodox approaches to productivity.

Keeping your productivity in check is tough—especially with distractions like new T.V. shows, football season and the last days of summer. You become fatigued at your desk, and you forget the task at hand. Improve your endurance and productivity at work in three simple ways:


Take a break, go outside and walk for 20 minutes on your lunch break. With the “sitting disease” in full effect, it is important to take every opportunity to be active. Sitting lowers your metabolism and increases your blood pressure along with many other adverse health effects. Walking outside makes sure you get your full dose of Vitamin D while reducing your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Best news, a quick walk gives your brain an endorphin boost which increases your productivity.


Stuck on a problem at work? To find your solution, just doodle. Doodling increases creative insight which solves problems faster. In addition to benefitting productivity, doodling also improves content retention and your attention span. Expand the possibilities of what you can accomplish each day by doodling a little bit.

Goal board

Keep a goal board to accomplish your objectives more timely and effectively. Keep your goal board next to your calendar. Mark the four or five most important goals for the season and complement them with daily tasks on your calendar. You will be reminded every day of your goals and be more inspired to cross off each task. The goals may be personal, like losing weight, or career-related like gaining 100 leads by the end of the season. Whatever your goals may be, a goal board will help you keep your eye on the prize.


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