Thursday, January 10, 2013

Curry Supports Westboro Tennis & Swim Club

Drew Hirtle from Curry with
Finz from the Worcester Sharks
On Saturday, January 5th, Curry Printing participated in Westboro Tennis & Swim Club’s 8th Annual Local Business Health & Wellness Expo.  The event is hosted by and held at the club located at 35 Chauncy Street in Westboro and is a place for local businesses to showcase their offerings to the community.

Donna Drohan, WTSC’s Sales & Marketing Associate, organizes and oversees the event.  “The Expo is the perfect way for local businesses to be seen outside their regular place of operation.  The event is free and we open it up to the public and our club’s members.  It’s a great way to expose new people to the club and our members to other great local businesses in the community,” says Drohan.

“Westboro Tennis & Swim Club has been a valued client of Curry Printing for many years.  It’s a pleasure to support such a great community organization by participating each year,” says Drew Hirtle, a Client Representative with Curry.  Curry supported the event by getting a booth.  They raffled off a $50 gift certificate to Not Your Average Joes restaurant and handed out calendars, pads and educational bookmarks for the kids.


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