Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Changing Channels

Are you using different marketing channels to promote your business?

Routines.  We all get stuck in our routines.  Whether it’s going to the same restaurants, eating the same foods or watching the same programs on television, human beings are definitely pattern oriented and it’s easy for us to take comfort in anything familiar.  This mentality, however, often poses a problem when it comes to marketing your business.

A key aspect to promoting your company is to make sure you market it as much as possible.  However, doing the right types of marketing through the right channels is important.  Let’s face it, no company has unlimited resources and usually it’s just the opposite.  Companies have a specific marketing budget and can’t afford, nor do they desire, to spend that budget in the wrong ways.

Unfortunately though, it’s very easy for marketing professionals to get stuck into a routine of constantly utilizing the same marketing channels.  Direct mail, radio, billboards and television commercials are all potentially viable approaches to building your business.  And it’s certainly always good to have repetition within any one channel to make sure your message reaches your intended recipient.  But repetition should not come at the expense of reaching new prospects.

Various prospects will respond differently to alternate types of media.  For example, some people never look at billboards but always go through every piece of mail they receive in their mailbox and would never miss a direct mail postcard.  Others may rarely watch television but listen to the radio all day at work.  The most successful marketers constantly look to vary the channels they use to deliver their message.  By alternating the vehicle you use to market, you increase the likelihood of being seen by new prospects.  What’s more, you will also strengthen your connection with current clients and prospects who have seen your message already through your preferred marketing channel.

Of course switching up the delivery method of your message shouldn’t be just a haphazard affair.  Having a sound strategy and making sure you conduct testing of each channel are both essential parts of effectively marketing your company.  Utilize different avenues when conveying your message and you’ll be sure to build your brand awareness across a bigger segment of your market which will lead to winning more business.

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