Monday, August 29, 2011

Night at the Races

Curry Printing Manager Roars at the Races

Jim with his car.  See the Curry logo?
Jim Bendiak, an employee of Curry Printing, moonlights once a week as an amateur stock car racer at Connecticut’s Thompson International Speedway.  Jim manages the bindery or finishing area at Curry’s main production facility in Westborough, Massachusetts during the day and enjoys racing for fun on Thursday nights with his sons Patrick and Nick at the race track in Thompson, Connecticut.

Jim and his sons got involved in racing over 6 years ago when Patrick went away to college.  Patrick had raced dirt bikes in the past and Jim thought it would be a great hobby for them to focus their attention on while Patrick adjusted to college life.  So, they found a car builder named Bob Fill from BFR Racing and went to work building a car.  It took almost a year to complete but Jim and Patrick have been racing ever since.

Patrick has done most of the racing so far but is getting married and is moving to New York.  This has landed Jim in the driver’s seat several times in the last year.  Jim says about being out on the track, “It feels like you’re going a lot faster than it looks.”  Some of Jim’s fellow workers at Curry Printing attended the races last week.  Drew Hirtle, an Account Representative said, “It’s so much different than when you watch the races on television.  The roar of the engines and seeing how fast the cars really go makes it a totally different experience.  I give Jim a lot of credit for what he does.  We all had a great time cheering him on.”

Jim has worked at Curry Printing for almost 4 years.  Before coming to Curry, he owned a print and imaging business located in Franklin, Massachusetts for almost 20 years.

Check out Jim on the track!


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